Crimping Machine


The CT4 Coastelmatic hand tool holder is a device that uses air to activate spring retracted hand tools. The CT4 Coastelmatic is a great low cost alternative to automatic crimping, stripping, and cutting machines. This one machine takes the place of all three and will save you thousands of dollars. Not only is the CT4 Coastelmatic inexpensive and versatile, it is also easy to set up. With a few minor adjustments the CT4 Coastelmatic can be set up to work crimpers, strippers and cutters. The patent pending tool holder in the applicator securely holds all tools in place, allowing the operator to use his hands freely. This new and improved cylinder delivers 10% more power through dual activation for tough jobs. Each unit is pre–assembled, tested and ready for use.


Automates spring retracted hand tools Ergonomically designed Fully encapsulated cylinder Affordable and reliable 10x faster than manual crimping Multifunction operation Portable, light weight, sets up in seconds


Fits most hand tools from Paladin and Ideal Eliminate operator fatigue Eliminates contaminants from entering cylinder Low cost alternative to full automation Increased productivity Unit crimps, cuts, and strips Easy to operate and transport 1 year limited warranty


Requires 120 psi air supply with a ¼” standard coupler Universal Mounting Fully adjustable tool closing pressure and speed 6” Stroke Dual Control Cylinder
Each Unit Contains:
Single unit applicator cylinder Mounting base with regulator Dual action foot control Color coded air tubing 1 Wrench Speed control